I am living right beside the sea and you can find all kind of things on the beaches around the area.

One of the finds was an old soccer ball. The plastic coating of the ball was mainly gone exposing some cotton fabric in various shades of grey. I liked that ‘ancient’ look and brought it home.

I am one of those people who was always a bit useless when it came to any kind of ball games during school sport.
The idea was to give the ball a ‘makeover’ and transform it into something new. Away from sweaty sport moments towards something a bit more glamorous and subversive. A cap would be perfect I thought.

First the ball was thoroughly washed. In order to get a cap shape, I cut some of the hexagonal shaped parts away. I then started to sew sequins onto the cap. With another soft silver ball I found two small side flaps were cut and added including eyelets. The whole cap was lined with a black cotton fabric. In white I printed the title ‘GLITTERBALL’ inside the cap.  To finish the whole look, black rattail satin cord (very smooth and shiny) was chosen for the sides.

Suitable for a round shaped head.


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