Armour – Window Display

I live and work in a quiet suburban area in Dublin. My studio is facing the road. The road isn’t very busy but people do pass by.

I thought suburbia could be quite a good place for displaying some of my work in the  studio window as it is unexpected in a residential area.

Window Display Armour (February – March 2017)

2017-04-24 232 - resize
Armour window display

‘Armour’ shows a felt jacket with a big front pocket. You close the jacket with three scalpels. Part of the jacket are a pair of gloves made from the same grey material. The jacket is called ‘Fluff-Terror-Machine’.



I added a cap to the outfit. The starting point for this cap was an old football I found on the beach. It was washed and cut into the right cap shape. I embroidered the whole cap with sequins and added some side pieces from another found ball for the black strings. The cap was lined with  black cotton. ‘Glitterball’ is printed in white onto the inside lining.

Words that come to my mind: Dark, still & empty, bright, sharp & forceful

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