Twins (We are You) – Window Display

I live and work in a quiet suburban area in Dublin. My studio is facing the road. The road isn’t very busy but people do pass by.

I thought suburbia could be quite a good place for displaying some of my work in the studio window as it is unexpected in a residential area.

Window display Dec/Jan 2017 – Two cotton blouses, buttoned through front and back, interchangeable

Twins – We are You I

‘Twins – We are You’ consists of two cotton blouses. Both blouses are buttoned-through front and back, so you can take each blouse apart and can exchange the halves to create two ‘new’ blouses.

Dec-14- 2018 162
Twins – We are You II

The ‘Twins – We are You’ blouses are meant to be shared by two people. The blouses are a playful approach of 2 people getting dressed and wearing pieces of clothes that are connected. What you are wearing is one half of the whole thing but also each blouse is a full piece of clothes in itself. The other half is worn by your ‘blouse partner’ at the same time or it could be hanging in a wardrobe or getting washed etc. If you want to you can do a swap and change the look of the blouses.

Words that come to my mind: interconnection, correspondence, fluidity, communication, mobility, changeability, play, sky & ground





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